Portfolio Distribution


I would like to know what is your opinion in this portfolio distribution and if it is a safe, good return for long term perspective (10-20y). with auto invest.

I would say fairly decent, I don’t know much about the clean energy ETF but that seems high for that compared to S&P. Good to see EM exposure, I would personally consider also have some amount even if small, in a dedicated China focus ETF.

If I could only use those 4 holdings, I would probably do something closer to 30% S&P, 30% World, 30% EM and 10% clean energy. But dont listen to me blindly :smiley:

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I would probably have put 40% to EM and then 25% to S&P and World :stuck_out_tongue:


For clean energy look into Legal & General’s Clean Energy fund. Cheaper ongoing charge and top holding(s) aren’t as overweight as INRG.


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I’d keep it simple and go 90:10 developed world to emerging markets and drop the other two altogether. If I was to include a thematic ETF, I’d keep each to no more than 5% just to give the portfolio a tilt. That said, I’m with John Bogle on the proliferation of ETFs for every trend under the sun: http://johncbogle.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2007/02/WSJ_2-07.pdf

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Don’t worry, I do my dd always!

But it’s a nice ideia to search for a more focused in china etf. I’m always insecure about china and the lack of information and/or the truthfulness of that same information.

Thanks. I will be looking for that!

Forgot to add the ticker is RENG on T212.

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Well the great thing about an ETF is its a broad play, so individual Chinese stocks may pose a risk but if your portfolio doesn’t reflect much of Chinas large GDP and growing then thats more risky than investing. I personally like FCSS (and HMCA for an A shares play), also some others like BGCG.

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It’s not fractional yet sadly

What do you mean by saying it’s not fractional ?

RENG can’t go into a pie yet because it’s not fractional

Hopefully will be soon. Luckily for me I can buy a full share or 2 here and there. Understand that might not be possible for everyone though