Portfolio Return %

I’m new to trading, have very little invested and only been trading since 12 sept.

My portfolio return is currently +4.5% in the Green.

What sort of Return is good for a newbie across a week/month or year when starting out trading.

What do you guys hope or aim for? What’s considered good? Or is it too hard to answer this as everyone’s investments and objectives is different?

My personal take on it is: if today I make some money that I did not have yesterday then it has been a good day.

Nonetheless there are statistics online that say that if you are not reaching between 12-20% per year on your own you might be better of using ETFs or other strategies.

Also there is no straightforward answer as you need to consider risk and what your goals are (long vs short, passive income vs retirement or big purchase) etc. An example would be imagine buying Apple stock in the 80’. Now you would be very happy to own them but it was always the case. There have been years when apple stock would have been in the ‘red’

Example of a fund that has mostly gone up VFINX has a since inception in the 80’ performance of 11% yearly return

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The market index to look up is the S&P 500, the vast majority of investors do not beat it on long term.

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My expectations must be low. As long I can beat the banks then i am satisfied. If I could get a 5% return on my savings/investments with moderate risk then I am happy.

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I was interested to see the replies as well. I too haven’t been long in investing, I had a stocks and shares ISA with Santander, after 6 months it was making very little profit so I cashed it in.
I came on T212 and just did normal investments, I made a few mistakes but at the moment I’m in the green showing a small profit.
I am on an old age pension so investing small amounts, if I had invested larger sums and bought more shares in some companies obviously my profit would be better, so surely it also depends on what the OP amount is investing money wise I mean.

Forgot to add:
In the short time I’ve been on T212 my profit has more than doubled what my ISA made in just over 6 months.