Portfolio spreadsheet help

Newbie here, just starting to put a little money into stocks. Loving the Trading 212 app.
I would like to put a portfolio spreadsheet together, track value, dividends etc, but can’t to find one that i understand and use ok, and also thats acurate. Has anyone got any advice of what i could maybe use?
Thanks in advance…

I just do things by manual entry, but a few users on here use google sheets with shortcuts that pull data automatically. Hopefully someone will chime in.
The answers are on the forum though, just needs a bit of a search.

Look into finki.io, @Finki is fairly active and has an API you can use with Excel and googlesheets, there also googlefinance via googlesheets.

There are also a few websites, some a free for small number of stocks, and then paid after.

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Many thanks :blush: