Portfolio transfers

If you do a portfolio transfer (GIA) to an ISA, do you get the 1.5% cash back still?

You can’t do a transfer from a GIA directly into an ISA.

14th is almost here still no update

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Are we still on track for a total roll out of ISA portfolio transfers by June 14th? It is only at this point can I make T212 my primary platform.


They haven’t progressed from 40% rollout since last year and have remained silent about this, so think it is pretty clear the functionality won’t be enabled by 14/6.


Just updated the date to 30th September?!?!?!? And still at 40%. Have they done nothing in the past 3 months? When will we get access to this? Will we ever get access to it? @Momchil.G

To be fair from February till April they gave access to 40% of the users and after that it got stuck hasn’t moved a single percent, they say they are flooded with requests and can’t keep up. Which is why in my opinion they should make it fee service and hire more people to keep up with the demand. I would prefer to pay a little bit but get a quality service on time

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This was predictable… If I were you I wouldn’t count on full rollout until the end of the year…

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T212 also launched Cash ISAs during that period and have been overwhelmed by those transfers as well - to the point they are not accepting any more such requests.

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I set up my S&S ISA a few weeks back and in my haste to get investing I manually transferred 2k from my existing cash ISA and forgot I would need to request a formal transfer. So presently In T212 it shows I have used 2k of my tax year allowance. In reality I have used 100% allowance in my existing cash ISA.

I want to transfer my full balance to T212 cash ISA. Do I need to (a) transfer the 2k back from T212 and then complete a full ISA transfer or can I (b) do a partial transfer of 18k for the current tax year into T212? Would this work to clear the balance in my existing ISA?

Last question, I expect an interest payment in my old cash ISA at the end of July, if the transfer is complete how do I move the interest to T212 within the tax conditions?

@Momchil.G @Bogi.H

Is your other ISA flexible?

@Momchil.G Can you add Freedom24 as a broker to transfer shares from?

I want to transfer my portfolio from Freedom24 to T212.

@VicVega yes the other ISA is flexible so there would be no issue transferring back.

Anybody has an update on transferring to IBKR?

I suspect the answer is the same as when you asked last month

Maybe something has changed in one month.

I’m afraid it has not, @mubix77. We’ll update the topic right away if anything changes.