Portfolio transfers

Yep, Plum is among the supported brokers.

Here’s the full list for future reference: What are the supported brokers for portfolio transfers? – Trading 212

I’m interested in transferring my portfolio to Trading 212. I see it’s currently rolled out for 40%. Is there an option to be part of the early adopters, or do I have to wait until end of September? Thanks

Thanks for your interest, @AnoBen!

We can’t prioritise one customer over another, but we’ll keep gradually rolling out the feature.

Hopefully, you’ll get access before September. :pray:


Thanks for letting me know

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What’s the timeline for a a transfer from plum and is your ISA FSCS protected

By the time September comes interest rates will be down and your product not so desirable

Are you going to support it?

We aim to complete transfers within 30 days, but the time frame also depends on how quickly the other provider processes the transfer.

Yes, it is. :point_right: Learn more about money protection.

Yes, but unfortunately it still says cannot transfer yet

Thank you much appreciated

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Looking forward to my transfer arriving from Freetrade. Frustratingly/unironically the slow Freetrade customer service responses which pushed me to leave also seem to be slowing down the transfer process


At least someone transferred over

Is it possible to set target transfer date (or even do not transfer before x) when initiating a portfolio transfer?

Current Virgin Money Cash ISA matures in ~ 2 weeks, but has a loss of interest penalty if transfer occurs before maturity.

Virgin Money transfer out page include the following:

We’d be sorry to see you go, but if you want to transfer to a new ISA provider, you will need to contact them to arrange the transfer on your behalf.

Please note to avoid any penalty interest ensure the ISA transfer is made on or after the date of maturity. You will be able to request this when you complete your ISA Transfer form.

I attempted to initiate the portfolio transfer in the T212 app but noticed there was no option to specify a transfer date. Consequently, I refrained from submitting the generated form.

Or, will I need to wait until after the ISA matures (and Virgin Money converts the account to a paltry 0.10% interest rate!) before submitting the portfolio transfer? I am concerned about the potential delay, as the anticipated transfer time is ~30 days?

Welcome to the Community, @EspressoEnthusiast :wave:

For the time being, there is no way to set a specific transfer date. To guarantee that the transfer goes smoothly, it is best to initiate it manually on the date of maturity of your ISA or after it.

As per HMRC’s guidelines, ISA transfers should take no longer than:

  • 15 working days for transfers between cash ISAs
  • 30 calendar days for other types of transfer (for example, Stocks & Shares ISA transfers)

Of course, we aim to complete all initiated transfers in the shortest possible timeframe :pray:

Can we ask what’s the plan for the portfolio transfer function, because it is stuck at 40% and hasn’t moved since end of April. Like are they hiring more people to process everything, or planning to make it a paid function or what. Now don’t get me wrong 212 has excellent customer support and great platform that’s probably the reason they are flooded with requests, but they must take some action or come September and we will have another change of date with the same result

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