Portuguese Promo Code


My account is portuguese, is there any promo code that you guys can give me? I’ve already tried but It says my account is not eligible.

Best Regards

I don’t think the free share program is running in Portugal. But you may try the following code if you account is less than 7 days old.


You may also try this one, this is mine: FMOC0Lbg


Thank you so much.

And yes, you are right, it’s not possible in Portugal =/ …it sucks.

Best regards

You should try the first code, perhaps it works.

I did, my account has 1 month =/

Portugal is not part of the promotion as of now.

To qualify for this Promotion all of the following conditions must be met:

You and Your Referral have to be residents of one of the following countries:
The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein or The Netherlands.


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