Promo code to get free shares

Hello, I’ve tried using the get free shares code and it says invalid code even though I’ve already funded and activated my account. Can I please get some help with this?

Thank you.

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Please DM me with the promo code, and I will look into it.

On a side note - do not hesitate to contact our 24/7 :speech_balloon: available customer care team through your account. They’ll gladly help you with any inquiries related to your account.


It happened to me too when I opened my account 2 month ago but I thought that the problem was that I had not registered with an affiliate link. Can I do something now?

@JKAndrex We had different promo code campaigns during the last months, but they were applicable for newly created accounts only. Nevertheless, DM me with more details :email: and I’ll check further.

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I’m the guy who referred @rititita and I’ve referred 3 people in total who have clicked on my referral link to open the accounts and funded the accounts and none of us has got the free shares. I hope this gets sorted soon!

Hi Tony,

I used the referral link I found on Google:

Which links to:
I signed up, but see now if I follow the link again that there is no refferal code. The website did mention that I have been invited and get free share if I open an account which I did.

How do I get this free share?

As long as you deposit money into your account and it is verified you will receive a free share within a business day of being notified of what share you will receive. It may take a few days to receive this notification, but you will receive it. You don’t have to enter any code.

@356356 Hey :wave: ,

To get a free share, you have to be invited through a referral link instead of signing as usual. That’s the whole idea of the “Invite a friend” promotion. Here you have our FAQ which might be of help.

This happened to me. I referred someone when the market was open and got a free share straight away and then I referred two more users who funded on sunday and none of us have received our free share what’s going on? Can someone check?

Sometimes takes longer, you should usually get it within a few days

Will Trading212 expand the promotion to other countries? I live in Estonia, and I would like to share Trading212 around in my own community.


@Tony.V i am also having same issue of invalid promocode. My account is just activated today. I have several codes, but its showing invalid code. Attached is snapshot using one of code my account…I

Where did you get this promo code from?

shouldn’t be possible to have several codes :S

normally people only have 1 or none (as friend invite promo uses the link before signup rather than a code after signup)

@cavanhagan i got this code from one of websites sharing Promo codes. I created my account without using any referal code in begining. Then i realised on this community the benefit of 100 euro using promo codes. So looking for same code. So that i can get also benefit.*gsuslx*_ga*b1pyekdobnNiWFB3eTVKaDdSLWJUaVJzSnEteGJiVHJ4cWxrZ0c5NUFkYXhURnhXMnBOWEQ1V2o5QmNxdjFiYg…&page=2&show_code=true

Yeah unfortunately I did the same thing, missed out! You have to click the link when signing up, if you don’t it’s too late. Using the code from the referral links does not work, promo code section is for other promotions

@Tony.V same here,the promo code never work for me, I can send it to you if you want.
How can I get my referral link from my account for my friends to use?

Again, promo code will not work, but if you clicked a referral link when signing up to the account that should have worked. And under the invest account there should be a present icon saying get free shares, there you should find the referral link to pass on

Check this

Not all countries have access to referral

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That’s explain why I can not send a referral link as I live in Republic of Ireland.that is very bad and I am considering withdrawing my fund and canceling my trade212 account as I can not refer or get free stocks.