Promo code to get free shares

Hello, I’ve tried using the get free shares code and it says invalid code even though I’ve already funded and activated my account. Can I please get some help with this?

Thank you.

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Please DM me with the promo code, and I will look into it.

On a side note - do not hesitate to contact our 24/7 :speech_balloon: available customer care team through your account. They’ll gladly help you with any inquiries related to your account.


It happened to me too when I opened my account 2 month ago but I thought that the problem was that I had not registered with an affiliate link. Can I do something now?

@JKAndrex We had different promo code campaigns during the last months, but they were applicable for newly created accounts only. Nevertheless, DM me with more details :email: and I’ll check further.

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I’m the guy who referred @rititita and I’ve referred 3 people in total who have clicked on my referral link to open the accounts and funded the accounts and none of us has got the free shares. I hope this gets sorted soon!