Get a free share from an account of a different country


I am based in UK and got a Trading 212 account. I sent an invite to my cousin in Spain which she used to create the account, she has verified the account and deposited fund, but when applying the code from my link, it says her account is not valid to obtain a free share. Why could this be?

I maybe wrong yet it could possibly be something to do with the length off time the account has been opened, I think a week after deposit, I have tried to activate a free share and unfortunately it won’t let me as I’ve been using for a little over 2 weeks


Both the referral & the referrer should be residents of a country where our promo is currently available. Check here. :v:

Also, you can find some useful information in the link below:

Thanks for this, Spain is not on the list. Although reading old posts seems like it was at some point? Have you removed countries? Or are you planning on adding more?


Spain was indeed part of the campaign. However, the promotion was discontinued in that region(a couple of weeks ago).

We’ll be sure to notify you promptly in case the above is about to change.


Thanks Tony, you’d have few of my friends interested actually :wink:

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