Possible bug with 1 day chart display


I’ve noticed what looks to be a bug with the Trading212 chart for “One Day”.

it looks like all the days are across by 1, so the chart data for today(15/05/2020) shows as 14/05/2020.



I don’t think it’s a bug, I’ve observed this since I joined, I always have to roll back to an H chart to see what’s going on today as I don’t trust the 1D here, would be great if that was sorted out though.

If you look at the 1D in pre-market hours the recent candle displays the date from 2 days ago so updating at the market close rather than open would be nice too (if anyone’s listening)

I’ve observed that, I’ve noticed that the time it displays is the time the market opens for CFD’s(in UTC) and given Trading212 was initially a CFD only platform, I wonder if it’s a hangup from that.