Preference Shares?

Are there any plans to introduce preference shares to the platform, as tradable instruments?

Thinking specifically about ticker symbols:

ARC Document Solutions (ARC),
Aviva (AV),
BP, Bristol & West (BWSA),
Bristol Water (BWRA),
Cummins (CMI),
Ecclesiastical Ins (ELLA),
General Accident (GACS),
Investec (INVR),
Lloyds Banking Group (LLPE, LLPC & LLPD),
Nat West (NWBD),
National Electric (NTEA),
REA Holdings (RE),
Raven Property (RAVP),
RSA Insurance (RSAB),
Santander (SAN),
Standard Chartered (STAB).


@dispero Yes, we do have the ability to add preference shares. We’ll attend to these once we go through the stock requests backlog.

@dispero All of them will be live tomorrow after EU markets open.


Thanks for adding the preference shares so quickly.

A number of them appear not to be working, or not yet appearing. They are:
National Westminster Bank NWBD
Lloyds 9.75% PRF LLPD
Lloyds 9.25% PRF LLPC
Lloyds 6.475% PRF LLPE
General Accident GACB
Raven Property Group Limited RAVP
Bristol Water ‘A’ BWRA

@dispero BWRA is the only one that we won’t be able to have. I’m afraid we’ll be having a lot of order execution issues there.

RAVP & GACB are now working while the rest - NWBD, LLPD, LLPC & LLPE will probably take a while longer. We’re about to switch data feed providers & once that happens, we’ll have them up & running.


No worries. Cheers mate.


Any update on availability of:

Lloyds 9.75% PRF LLPD
Lloyds 9.25% PRF LLPC
Lloyds 6.475% PRF LLPE

At the moment, orders for these instruments are being automatically rejected.

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@dispero We still haven’t fully switched data feed providers yet - that’ll probably happen in about a month.


Hi any update on this? Preference shares look like a good buy

With Rea I assume we’re talking RE.B? I would like to get my hands on that one too. I paid another stockbroker’s hideous fees to get a bunch of pref shares.


I bought the IAG preference shares but when I look on my account it says I still own the same amount of shares? When will they be distributed?