Preventing overdrive of our amigdala by working with percents

It was a long way I had, to finally know what I and many traders may need. (Many traders, I said, because it’s based on a common anomaly in human brain.)

It was twice already when my amigdala gone overdriven by my success.

  1. I was successful as a trader, so much that I started to fear of losing what I achieved. And thus I lost it, had to start over.
  2. I became even more successful as a trader, so I feared again and thus my account melted again. Amigdala is the biggest enemy of traders.

The problem is that, I see all the time how much money I trade with but that’s practically irrelevant. Only percents are important: percents of balance to invest/trade with, percents in results of a trade.
Which means, it could hold a huge benefit if there was an option in the settings to hide our balance so when we give an order then we should just enter the percent of our balance to be buy/sell instruments for.

For example, I give a Buy Order and just enter the percent of my balance to make the trade with. 1-100%. No matter how much money it is, $100 or $100,000. The only thing we should see (without clicking to unveil the actual fiat amount in our balance) is the result ratio for the trade: e.g. 105% or +5% in case we can sell the instrument on a +5% price.
Then as the trade finished, our increased balance turns into 100% again, which is (in this example) would be the 105% of our previous balance, before this +5% resulted trade we made.

May I hope that you’ll consider to develop this unique function, as an option? This could make many people more successful, making your incomes increased. Thank you.

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