OCD ruined with value orders :(

So I normally like to keep my shares to the nearest 2 decimal points, for example 0.25 of a share. I accidentally put a value order in for a stock and now I have 26.385235 of a stock (KO).

Given the maximum fractional share I can buy of KO is 0.01, my OCD is now ruined. Is there any way T212 can help save my OCD by allowing a smaller fraction of a share to be bought?

I now need to have a lie down and breathe deeply…

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I heard they were planning an update to increase the precision when buying and selling so maybe in the future you can make it whole again.

oh, and you might want to stay away from pies if this affects you so bad… :rofl:


Yes, I had registered for pies and then realised that my OCD would be triggered by it!

Hopefully the genuises at T212 will increase the precision as you say, allowing me to sleep easy at night! :slight_smile:

haha, just a warning though. in maths when we say “increase the precision” what is actually being said is “we need even more decimal points” xD

but being able to specify your tolerance limit for accuracy should maybe be an option so you don’t go below 3 decimals, even if it means its not the perfect upper limit for the shares you could have gotten with your money.


My God, more decimal points? That’s the LAST thing I need :rofl:

Or I need to buy some more value orders for other stocks in my portfolio and face my OCD! :smiley:

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to be fair. OCD isn’t so bad with the pies because it’s set and forget, and your pies will be whole or single decimal % allocations per holding :wink:

that way you can just not look at the specific share count and just the overall performance and it should set your heart at ease :slight_smile:


Oooh, that’s a very good point :slight_smile:

I guess just a number of decimal places setting could be in settings. Would be nice to have the option.
Or maybe an expanding numbers so it’s displayed as a whole number or to 3 significant numbers otherwise. And then when you click on it to see more details it shows full precision


That sounds like a good idea for those of us who want a smaller number of decimal places displayed :slight_smile:

We’re implementing a small fix that’ll allow you round your number of shares. Actually it’s already implemented in the web app. And coming for mobile in one of the following releases.

When placing an order you will be able to input a number with high precision if that number + the number you already sums up to a whole number.

Example: You own 5.3456789 shares. You will be able to buy N + 0.6543211 shares or sell N + 0.3456789 shares.

Of course if you use pies you’ll have to get used to the long numbers :slight_smile:


George, I love you. You have allowed me to sleep soundly tonight!

(Bring on the pie :slight_smile: )