Make Fractional Shares Whole


Been using Trading 212 for a couple of months now and really loving it!
I have a couple of different requests which may or may not have been covered already which I think would make the app even better.

I’ve seen plenty of threads about buying fractional shares… I was wondering if there was a way to buy the difference to make the fractional share whole again! I have serious OCD on some of my fractional shares which I now want to be made whole - I think you can buy individual shares by number and value… but is there a way to buy the exact amount to make the share whole?

If not is anything planned. I know in the grand scheme of things - this is a very very minor request - just thought I would put it out there!

Thanks and keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Idk how much afford it is to implement that… but for what? It makes no real difference if you own 1 share or 1.11 shares doesn’t it?

Why? Other than having a nice rounded number, there is no real point.

Just sell your position and buyback immediately, making a small profit or loss as a result?

I don’t see this ever being a feature or function 212 will add.

Fractional shares are illiquid and unrecognised outside of the broker, people may wish to round up shares to reduce that specific risk.


Ah ok that makes sense then.
For something like make 0.85 of a share whole you could do your math… but having a fractional share in a pie can lead to 0.867565787 of a share… which is a mess to round up

Totally understand your OCD and also I agree with @Eden regarding the full share (even though not sure Trading212 is having this approach for fractions vs full shares - for potential in-specie transfer).

Anyway, a solution apparently was taken into account. Not sure what is the status of this anymore (there seem to be other priorities).

I don’t think they have a choice, outside of 212 a fraction of a share just isnt a thing, you cant sell only part of a thing to someone over the market you have to sell the whole thing. As i understand the risk (small risk) is that the fractions would all have to be sold since they cant be transferred and then you would eventually receive the proceeds, but as i understand this can sometimes take a while.

You can buy by number of shares anyway, and as someone mentioned if you really wanted to you can sell the fraction. Its not a huge issue, except maybe if you have 0.5 of an amazon share and 212 goes bust. bad luck would mean you wait a year for the cash value whenever they get around to selling it. like i said, small risk.

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The easiest method I have found.

You own .811111
The minimum purchase/sale amount is 0.001
So buy 0.190000. You now have 1.001111
Import the 1 to a pie. Sell the remaining 0.001111 in the invest account.
This costs the buy/sell spread on 0.001111.


This can come in handy if you intend to transfer your positions to another broker as you can only transfer whole shares. Transferring of shares is planned Q1 2021