Bug in the alerts

I have shares that have triggered an alert and are now well clear of the previous alert value. I try to replace the alert and set a new alert at the previous alert’s value and the new alert immediately triggers even though the price is nowhere near.

ie alert at 100p when price is 80p, price rises to 110p triggering and clearing the alert. Place new alert at 100p while price is now 112p and the new 100p alert immediately triggers

So far, we haven’t received similar reports, so let’s check this together :fist_right: :fist_left:

OK a little info.

I tried replacing multiple alerts and the same problems happened but only appears to happen with the one company that’s had very strong rises and volatility. I have just tried to set the alert for a third time and it set and stayed. Thus even though the share price was well clear of the alert level I am wondering whether the platform is simply looking at “has the share price gone through this level in the last x minutes” (where x could be 5 or 10 min). So if I try to replace the alert within that time the new alert immediately triggers. That may not be what’s happening but it would explain the problem

I have reported this too, twice.
It has happened with Apple and Tesla, and others.
Alerts get triggered, but you certainly can’t get a beneficial buy or sale at those prices.
It’s like the real market prices are on an invisible screen behind the one you show us, and those prices trigger the events.

Annoyingly, stop losses as well as alerts get triggered when the candle wicks haven’t been near them (and “market” prices can be well off the end of the candle.)

So be it, but it would be nice if the chart that we see showed it.
(This is 212Invest, not cfd).

I think WakeMeUp could be right about the settling time, for the transient issue, as that would explain it. It could also be a software bug of course. Real-time programming is like that. A static test wouldn’t show it.

Attached is a screen shot from a phone video after I’d tried a dozen times to get an Alert set at about 134.81 (The grey block, where the pointer must be) . This was Amazon.
One daren’t set a stop loss there - that’s just a way to lose at the wrong price.
I was told SL’s aren’t meant to be close but Forex traders use 20 pips? This was an Alert.

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Anyone else have this problem? I don’t use price alert function but sometime it turns on by itself? And sometimes the app goes crazy and every 5 minute the price keeps showing up? I have to manually remove price app every time. Didn’t have this issue before only the last few days.

Can the guys have a look? Because as I’m about to trade the price alert keeps appearing in the middle of taking a trade, sometimes having to forcefully cancel the trade.

Very inconvenient. @Team212 @Bogi.H

We’re working on a fix. I’ll let you know as soon as I have any updates.

Something tangential but I’ve been looking for a while - and it’s relevant to that darned bong noise - does anyone know what the alert is called or where to change the noise in a windows PC? I’ve tried changing everything I have found so far - no change!