Price Alerts Issue, bug?

Is anyone else experiencing an issue with the price alerts? like not being able to add or remove and only showing me a random 10 alerts which I can not edit or remove either.
I have raised the issue to T212 already but just wondering if this has happened before or it is happening to anyone else at the moment? I hope it will get fixed as I rely a lot on price alerts.

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I have this issue too, it started recently. It seems random.

It affects deleting and updating, it seems to work at first, but when I leave the stock details and come back I can see that it didn’t. So some alerts are there forever it seems.
Also when I have multiple alerts and want to delete one, sometimes it deletes the wrong one.


I have this issue too, in the Android phone app. Have loads of alerts previously deleted, but when I leave stock details and return, they all appear again.

When I view the alerts in the Web (desktop) app, they are not there.