Price Alerts Deleted


i lost all my price alerts and can’t set new price alerts?
Anyone else experienced the same issue?

Thank you,

Same ! :confused: This just happened. I’ve been checking my stocks today and this has just happened.

Where have they gone?
@Team212 @david @George

Can you add new price alerts?

It won’t let me add any new alert.


I just tried both the app and web and it’s not allowing to setup new price alerts. Can you retrive the information? Hope i don’t have to start from scratch.

I’ve just flagged this post, hopefully it will raise it to their attention quicker that way. :v:

Just refreshed app and looks like they are back.
Try the same your end.

I managed to set a new price alert on the web browser and I received the notification as normal.

Looks like this is fixed now - the team must have gotten it all sorted. :+1:

The issue’s fixed, apologies for the inconvenience.

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App refreshed. All sorted

Thank you