Prices falling due to buy restrictions

More and more stocks are having buying restrictions put on them and because of this action the prices are fall on those stocks! It’s getting ridiculous now, it’s meant to be a place where people can invest, instead we are having to guess weather one of the stocks we buy might be put into reduce only mode, this isn’t a fair playing field, it’s like saying please invest with us but if it starts making money we will put actions in to stop this happening, not good!! This isn’t necessarily a dig at 212 but as our stock provider we must place our grievances on here with someone


then take your grievance via the appropriate channels, not here in the community forum :man_shrugging: that or reconsider the things you are trying to invest in, because none of the stocks I have been making money with for months have faced any such restrictions.

@Dao do you even trade? I thought you where just the village elder here in the forum answering our many questions lol


almost everyone in the community forum are already on T212 trading, investing et cetera, those who aren’t, are from outside waiting to make an account on the platform once the registration is reopened. I don’t think there is a single person here just to chat that doesn’t have a foot in the water already :stuck_out_tongue:

I am here a lot, but I am actively building my portfolio :wink: once my funds increase I will be back to preparing to get into CFDs for commodities trading too :smiley:

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@Wayne2222 I on the other hand welcome your post and I am thankful for your openess. Don’t let @Dao discourage you. Hope your issue gets resolved, wish you the best mate

Edit: Would not necessarily attribute falling prices to buy restrictions, but its surely a factor to keep in mind