Another one! Sell order stuck on processing for 3h+ - ✅ Solved

Tried selling my wkhs stock at 2.30pm UK time, it’s now been over 3 hours and still processing. Very disappointing.

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Snap x 100 haha ! Same here

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yes that’s very sad. I am actually considering now changing to Interactive Brokers. I don’t have any problem with paying but it’s too bad when it’s free but useless… T212 should have a premium account for users with more needs.


They tell me there are no buyers… price dropping every second… if there’s no buyers how is the price falling? Surely people selling lol

I mean this guy has posted for the first time, just image how desperate he is :smiley:

:joy::joy::joy: first comment on community struggling to sell a stock, hold it mate doesn’t wanna go haha

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Fortunately this is one where I have a nice buffer to play with, so I’m still very much in profit. Just worries me incase I ever did get that massive rise and it doesn’t sell for hours lol I’m still waiting for it to sell now haha

Wow never? That’s a joke that @David this has to be a priority it’s peoples money not a game of monopoly

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@Holmesy We’ll look into it, seems to be an isolated case.
@revelcsi1iicidem Could you DM me your trading account’s email address?

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Hello everyone,

We found a technical discrepancy on a small number of isolated cases. Today on US market open all such orders will be executed. Please excuse us for any caused discomfort.

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Mine still hasn’t executed aha

Mine hasn’t either and it sold a different stock randomly never gave me my money

Mines executed now, but missed my buy in point in another which is where I was going to move this money to, so overall I’d of been better off not selling at all yday lol oh well, still profits however annoying.