PrimaryBid broker integration

Can Trading212 have themselves listed as a provider on Primary Bid? I am having to use another broker, which charges a £20 settlement fee. Some of the brokers on there have zero fee. It would be good to have Trading212 integrated with this.


Great idea, would love this!

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+1 this would be a great idea.

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As far as ‘integrations’ go this amounts to T212 custodian (I’m assuming IB) talks to PrimaryBids custodian (I’m assuming Jarvis) and a transfer takes place. This is borderline all it actually takes. In my old role if someone asked me to go this I’d be like ‘sure, I’ll have it sorted for you later today’. Basically this ain’t rocket science. A few Legals, an initial phone call, a transfer message. The question will be if anybody wants to. It’s a question of will not technicals or costs.

I presume trading 212 will jump on it… if nothing else to beat FreeTrade to yet another request… :laughing:


+1 this. Registered with Primary Bid the other day. Missed out on the IWG placing last night through dithering over the fee.

Fully behind this request… need a true commission free player on board with this who has the stock universe to accommodate transfers in.

I’m seeing you on the Freetrade and T212 forum haha. Thanks for the info!

By the way, there’s a couple of us on an investing discord forum, you should check it out. Your website has been linked a few times:

Yep, entirely correct and the reason I’d imagine you’re much more likely to see action on T212 first

I came across this app today PrimaryBid which allows realtail investors to subscribe to share offerings and delivers the shares to the user’s brokerage account. Currently it doesn’t support Trading212. Are you aware of this app, and would you support this on the future or a different way altogether to subscribe to share offerings?


I have a Pending Primary Bid account and I too am wondering if i can use Trading 212 instead of Halifax Share Dealing (crooks).

Is this something that can likely be done before I even contemplate anything through Primary Bid? Some of the charges seem excessive using all the other brokers!!

@AlexK @George @David @Tony.V :beers:

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I noticed that Interactive Brokers are already listed, which is who @Team212 use already, so I can’t see it being a major struggle? Was only reminded of this while checking out tonight’s offer that just came through.


Can T212 work on integration with primarybid ?

Good read :newspaper: some extracts:

Retail shareholders afforded the same opportunity as institutions = Good thing.

Persistent narrative that this represents a win because it’s ‘discounted’ = Bad thing.

Unspoken operational quirks enroute to ownership and risks inherent in that (current) process = Education thing.

Fact that any broker worth your time could perform this operation anyway without additional intermediation = 🤷🏼

Thought it was worth sharing;

The popularity can only grow from here! :+1:

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There’s that narrative again that retail holders are being screwed solely because shares ‘are heavily discounted’

They are discounted. For a reason.

Retail shareholder equality is awesome. PB shine a nice light on this. They’ve done good work. I wish them success.

Cynic in me says if there’s more retail action then there’s more commission to be taken from that action and… low and behold… the LSE invests…

Good for PB. Nice to see a young startup get validation.

I remain sceptical their model isn’t 100% replicable overnight by incumbent brokers. I don’t see ‘tech’ here either. Standard open offer and placing protocol followed. T212 get clients in on some open offers direct anyway (Ted Baker, RBG, another I’ve forgotten )

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