PrimaryBid listing discussion

There are other threads on here requesting future integration with 212, however I thought it may be good to have a place in the forum to discuss listings on PrimaryBid.

International Personal Finance PLC 12% 2027

The new notes are expected to be rate BB by Fitch and Ba3 by Moodys.

These are senior unsecured notes to mature 12 December 2027.

Now I wouldn’t normally look at these, but the rate was appealing. Excluding reinvestment and assuming a full repayment, £1 today would return £1.6 in total to your pocket in 5 years.

Now there are various sources for inflation, however I believe the CPI is the best indicator.

This gives an average rate of 3.86% a year, compounded against the pound over 5 years is £1.21.

As a result your £1.6 return from every £1 invested today would return £0.39, an average rate of 6.8% inflation protected.

The offer on this basis seems generous, especially compared to the long term average return of stock markets. That said, we should probably still take a long term view and for diversification of your investment pool, to me at least, this is interesting before scratching the surface further to review in more detail.



I’ve been interested in primary bid for some time and hoped t212 might support it in the future.

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