Problem with Charts [In Review]

I have this problem where the intraday chart of a stock (1min) changes after I switch to another time frame and then back. This started after Trading 212 switched providers I believe. Problematic is that some indicators sometimes become useless, because they don´t have data to calculate.

. Not the best example, but if you look closely you can see what i mean. Sometimes it is way more extreme and afterwords it looks like there was just low volume, but it is actually a problem with the platform if you compare the chart to other brokers.

Is this fixable? Thank you for your time.

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A mi me pasa lo mismo en cfd. Tengo que salir de ese activo y volver a entrar para ver la vela correctamente, a veces sale de diferente forma.

@Nikeet Thank you for the ping. We’ve raised the issue to the relevant team and will get back to you with a timeframe and a resolution when possible. :v:



I’ve just received a confirmation that the issue will be resolved. We’ll keep you posted.