Problem with Loral Space & C. (LORL)

Hi @Team212,

As in the subject the stock chart is not working properly, showing wrong numbers and static movements since yesterday.

For instance yesterday I bought 3 shares and said the price was 17something and I got deducted 22.28 per share (which was the correct price so no problems there).

Now it is still showing prices 17.xx instead of 22.xx with of course wrong charts.

Could you look it up?


@Francesco It’s okay now. Luckily, order execution doesn’t get affected by outdated chart data.
From now on, quotes should be as accurate & as close to the actual best buy (ask) as possible.

That’s why I wasn’t bothered by it, I saw it in the past as well.
Luckily you are moving to a better data provider so we shouldn’t have anymore these little problems.

Thanks for the help as always :+1: