CoreSite Reality (COR) missing chart

As seen in the screenshot the chart isn’t appearing and data about the changes also doesn’t show up. The stock also isn’t fractional but that’s something else. This is on desktop, on mobile only the 1 day shows up and all other dates don’t have data. Hope this is an easy fix, and appreciate all the work you guys have put into the platform recently!

Edit: I do see that the dates under the chart are for the future but I can’t move to the left as the slider already is as far left as it allows me

This is probably due to the fact that this stock is just added yesterday. It appears that this stock does not have any historical data. I checked QIWI yesterday and the same applies to it as well.

I think stock price is updated without any problem when the market is open, you can see it by changing time period to 1 minute.

I had not seen that it was added that recently, thank you! I’ll wait until open to see if it updates.

Hi, can I make a request for Ørsted on the Copenhagen stick exchange tp be added. This would be a great addition from the renewable sector