Wrong Price Info

Could someone please explain why the current price under the graph is different from the price shown in the graph and the one in the stats on the right?

Seems like my negative return is mainly as a result of this inaccurate info rather than fx spread and can’t quite understand if it’s a bug that might get fixed when the price moves next time or due to a lack of understanding.


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@phildawson for charts
Only thing I’d say is you can’t really check charts when the markets are closed as they rarely catch up

I think it helps if people stop using the line chart and make the candle charts their choice when trying to deal with price issues.

@emmpak was this on the 8th what time was it?

The stock is very low volume and liquidity

That 21 sell trade is around 4pm UK where the 20.92 bid makes sense.

Thanks everyone for the responses so far.

@phildawson It was executed on the 8th around 20:30 UK time. I’ve attached a screenshot that might help.

I’m all honesty I don’t know.

@David or @Rumen ?

@emmpak The price line plotted on the chart depicts the current buy price. The calculation of your potential (current) result happens according to the sell quote of the price which is displayed both in the field “current price” located in the tab portraying your running investments, as well as in the stats to the right of the chart under “sell price”. These two values have to match. In this case, the sell price in the stats bar has not been updated timely.

However, bear in mind that your potential result displayed on the platform has a mainly indicative character.

As far as the cited limit order is concerned - the execution is correct. You have got an even better price than your target which was 22.50 USD.

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@Rumen that makes sense. Thanks for the elaborate response :pray:

Glad to be of help @emmpak :+1: