Problems selling (Sell Market Orders)

I had no problem to buy 1 million shares but when I try to sell … no luck:

SELL MARKET ORDER , high volume stock, OTC market 15-20 minutes and still nothing …

Of course the price is no longer what I need so I’ll have to cancel again …

had the same problem yesterday, tried to sell several times and had to cancel cause the price dont stay up for the time that Trading212 needs to execute a market order :((

What can I do ? Thanks


Same as me 1hr to execute and down already in profit, and I have other Million on CHUC, so basically they will rip us apart…no comments I’m having the same.

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Ticker is: BANT
OTC Market, US
Yesterday I was up £5800, tried to sell but I couldn’t … today I was down £-1400 at one point … now I’m up again £3000+ and I can’t sell … it’s just great !

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Almost 2 hours later, my Sell Orders are still pending …


me the same, this is the worst ever seen …really Im disgusted with the approach the way everything, I buy and sell another stock…they don’t want to give you the money, because they are shorting it, so when the price drops they will execute our orders at terrible rates…

This is the reply from t212

Antoni Topalov (Trading 212)

21 Jan 2021, 21:29 EET


Thank you for contacting us again!

I would like to point out that our charts serve an indicative purpose. This information is indicative and not guaranteed. The Company reviews its third-party external reference sources from day to day to ensure that the data obtained is as timely and accurate as can be.

The instrument is traded on the OTC market. When a stock fails to meet the requirements of the regulated exchange on which it’s being traded or does not wish to comply with such, more often than not, it gets moved to or begins trading on an OTC exchange (Over-the-counter).

I will provide you with two, helpful articles, regarding the matter:

Under certain trading conditions, there is a possibility that orders cannot be executed at the Client’s requested price. When this happens, the Company has the right to execute the order at the first available price. This may occur, for example, at times of rapid price fluctuations if the price rises or falls in one trading session to such an extent that, under the rules of the relevant exchange, trading is suspended or restricted. Such fluctuation can result in a better or worse price being received. This may also occur during thin liquidity conditions, which may occur at the beginning or closing of a trading session. If a trade is executed outside of a regulated trading venue the order will be filled at no worse a price than that of the reference price on the reference exchange.

Whilst most of the orders are filled within a few seconds, please note that when it comes to Equities and ETFs (on Trading 212 Invest and ISA accounts), the execution time completely depends on every market and it may even take a few days for some orders to be executed (e.g. OTC listed stocks). In other words, certain market conditions (i.e. liquidity) have to be met to have the orders executed.

All of the orders are executed in accordance with our Order-Execution-Policy

I hope this e-mail has been helpful.

I will be providing you with a link to our Help Centre, where you can find all sorts of useful information. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us, should any further questions arise.

Best regards,
Antoni T. | Customer Care Hero

My holding is not as high, but I am also having issues trying to sell, even after setting up sell limits. I checked with my family members who are in the US and use Ameritrade and their orders for the same stock, takes a few seconds. Very disappointed with Trading212 performance. And they don’t seem willing to fix it.

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The price keeps going up and up, the volume is 3x bigger than average, but still we can’t sell…
Tried to set up more Sell Orders and they get cancelled automatically in max 5 seconds, that’s brilliant :slight_smile:

There seems to be an issue with Interactive Brokers’ liquidity providers/market makers. They’re looking to resolve this asap.

I have placed numerous sell orders but they keep getting cancelled.

I also had a sell limit order, and when price reached the limit price, it didn’t execute either.

I am gutted, that my profit will be lost because of the inefficiency of the systems.

Meanwhile £2000 of ‘my gains’ … just evaporated :slight_smile: BANT is going down now. I still have +£3000 (result), but I lost hope that I can see any profits. Trying to sell out for 2 days in a row has been very stressful, I’m gonna need therapy :slight_smile:

I am also trying to sell BANT but order keeps disappearing…

David are you going to compensate the loss of Profit this has caused? I have sent Petar P videos of this happening.

Nothing we sign for all this, but what is not appreciated is a not even a communication or explanation about it…

Now is in Red, you can sell it!!

Seems that now we can sell, …Im so frustrated that I could sell this now for a loss just to exit from here…

I’ve had the same problem and trading212 have yet to get back to me after 4 days. Not great customer service. My buy orders won’t execute either even when my order price is above market price which means sometimes I’ve had to pay more than I originally planned. Do I even need to mention sell orders not executing even when the target price has been reached and gone. Crazy! Trading212 service and overall customer service used to be top notch, not so sure what’s going on lately.

I’d to know why the orders (SELL) are not being executed. Sample yesterday tried to sell around 7PM and never happened. Interesting, if I would like to buy it happens in seconds.

I’m also having issues with a market sell order being delayed (for MINV). Most of it was filled very quickly but the final amount has been waiting 40 minutes. I’ve never experienced this before though I’ve mostly done buy orders.

Edit: It went through after 63 minutes.

I’ve been waiting hours for my sell order on AEG to go through… Nothing.

Edit: Over 24 hours and still waiting. (27.01.2021 - 13:50)