Market order - Selling

I’ve never had to wait for a market order to be executed before except today with 212 what’s the crack with that anyone know why ?

what company/share, what type of order…?


I’ve actually put 4 market sell orders in on 4 different stocks and only 1 has gone through in 30mins WTF ?? Any idea :bulb:

OK T212 need to look at this. I have no idea because with Goog it should execute immediately assuming the market is open. The screenshot is at 14:50 so assuming you are in the UK the US market should be open so the order should immediately execute

We’re already checking the situation.

They have all gone through now but waiting for 20/30mins for a simple market order is very strange. Hmmmmmm :face_with_monocle: that 20+min wait cost me £100+ also. :+1:t2:Nice one T212. And I’m happy for T212 to look at my account to check what I’m saying is true but they really have just cost me realistically £120 quid with that little glitch or whatever the hell it was, nightmare.

All the orders I put on at same time , all market orders - selling - intel went straight through look at the time difference for the other 3 = 25 min wait for a simple market order I not speak with forked tounge.

@Csummerson, we are sorry for any inconvenience caused!

We’re checking what caused the situation and will contact you via email with more information.

Ok no problem I look forward to receiving your email. Cheers :+1:t2: