Professional trading account

Hi guys, unfortunately I can no longer find the button , Switch to professional account ‘’. Where can I find it ? Thank you very much.

There’s a professional account? I knew there was a practice, CFD, GIA and ISA, but not seen a professional before. What extra perks did you get?

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The pro account is just for CFD. The only “perk” is higher leverage, and you need proof of 2/3 of:

  • 500k portfolio
  • levered derivatives industry experience (2y i believe?)
  • 10 significant-sized trades per quarter for 1y.

It’s the legacy of the old CFDs, pre EU regulatory crack down of a few years ago.
Switching to pro also waives regulatory rights.
For example, CFD brokers have no obligation to enforce “no negative balance protection”, or even “best execution”.
You basically claim that you know your ■■■■, you get high leverage and no regulatory protection.

@MarcAurel the switch to Pro Account is still there in the CFD section, first link in the menu.

Edit: in the specific case of T212, they do claim they will retain the negative balance protection for pro accounts, but this is not mandatory of them to do, unlike for a retail account.


Thanks for your answers, but I seem to be missing this button.

How weird

I guess you may contact the support about it?
Or maybe the button is only on the App :person_shrugging:

Edit: can’t see on your screenshot, but this is only for CFD of course.

Then support it is! 20 characters.

Pro accounts aren’t available for clients under our CY entity. So, perhaps that’s why you don’t see the option, @MarcAurel. Here’s how to double-check: