Proxy vote UI colour palette: bad readability

Hello team, I noticed that you’ve recently revamped the design of the Proxy Push screen, good thing as it looks much better, “more Trading 212” and less a white label custom-branded third party page :slightly_smiling_face:

However, I have a small issue with one of the colours of the palette you’re using: the suggestion for the recommended vote is too light and is barely visible to those with even slight colour blindness :grimacing:

Any chance you can change that to a darker hue?

Thanks a lot!

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Hello, there. :wave:

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to make any adjustments, as the voting is executed through a third-party provider.

Thanks Michael for your reply!

Are you sure about that? I know the voting is done via a third party provider’s website, but recently the voting page has been updated with a different design - making it look like a “native” Trading 212 page. Some time ago, that wasn’t the case (and the colour of the suggested vote was different and was clearly visible).

I’m quite sure T212 team has a say on the design of the page, even though the page is hosted on a third party website :slight_smile:

Would you mind double-checking please?

Thank you again for your support!

Of course, I will double-check that for you and update the thread accordingly.

For the sake of clarity, I can confirm that this was amended a while ago, and as of now everything is easily readable :slight_smile: