New "web app" is far from acceptable

In my honest opinion, it is so useless I would not mind, if it was scraped completely just adding the pie feature to the old interface, until a comprehensive one is built. (or give an API so we can use what ever we want)

The “desktop” or “web app” version is very very far away from what a trade interface does/and should look like. It is a toy interface designed for a touch screen. Unfortunately the target audience (vast majority) of T212, is just happy to “tap” around, and despite this I feel obliged to whinge about things that I am not happy with.

So what should a trade interface look like imo? I have seen some T212 staff already mentioning in this forum that MT4/5 “sucks and ancient” (despite being used by… everyone?) I was actually happy when I saw this, thinking T212 will definetely top MT5. Instead here we have something “sucks useless and ancient modern”

How is this list useful in any way shape or form? I mean how important the Royal Mail logo when you are looking for a trade? What is royal mail? why did I not buy it yesterday and today I might want to buy it?

The expanded view is worse, what is this graph? is it today? is it last 24h? year? without any references, I honestly genuinely and sincerely have no idea how this is useful in the interface.


This is an SS of a watchlist but current holdings are same and order list just disappeared. I have little hopes from Advanced mode as well, it will be again same “big useful white-spaces” with little information, as long as it is looking good on an ipad and is tappable I can’t right click, I can’t copy paste, (same characteristics as those lyrics websites…) I can’t open a new window.

Next SS, the right one is bitfinex, a crypto trading exchange that I have used extensively during “bitcoin rush” in 2017 that helped me pay off my mortgage. Despite being a crypto exchange it is one of the best trade interfaces that I’ve used.(I think it is a commercially sold interface/piece of software because I’ve seen same interface in quite a few places.)

When I look at this side by side from bitfinex vs T212 there is nothing useful on the left side. also this is a desktop application right? these browsers are 1/4th of my screen resolution each. I can fit 4 of these on one screen but I don’t see how helpful it’ll be even if I added 14 of T212s.

another shortlist SS from another platform for comparison, I am only including T212 ones to highlight how much space is wasted, and despite looking “pretty” how clunky and useless this actually is.

And how the same list looks when I just resize the width of that table.

and things that I can add to the that table, if I wanted to, that will show as long as there is enough space.

wanna see something that looks similar to trade 212 Web app? (still more information and looks more useful) here is a screenshot of MT5 mobile version.


T212 low marks Research and Customer Services.
  • Never had any issue with Customer services.
  • (Edit) It would be pretty foolhardy to rely on a single source of research so no issue for me.

Tradestation low marks on Account opening, Deposit/Withdrawal and Education
  • Account Opening poor - That’s a pretty fundamental failure.
  • Deposit and Withdrawal service - Again messing with cash is not good in a financial product.
  • Education is very poor. - Learn the app yourself. Not too bothered about that.

All in all T212 may come across as too basic but may be the genius of the whole product that ensures it holds maximum usability of its client base.

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I have been using T212 for quite a long time, and I want to use it for a lot longer. I have also been investing for some time as well, and would like to bring in further accounts here.

So I have some observations and criticism about the new UI and I am airing them here. I believe I can do that without resorting to call anyone an idiot.


as my post highlights :point_up: is useless, and this has nothing to do with a random website review or your experiences with customer service here :man_shrugging:

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I personally like the logos. I think it really boils down to what kind of activity you’re doing. For example I am mostly buy and hold, and love the easy to use interface etc.

Someone who does more advanced stuff might need more details. I heard they’re gonna implement an advanced website mode though.


Amended so as to not hurt your feelings. Was not intended to be taken personally and was a generalized comment.

I am happy to hear people are trading and investing and that now is so easy to get access to this as a Retail investor.
Yes, the app is could be simple, by your standards, BUT efficient and good enough for the everyday person who wants to start, not only for the savvy ones.
Yes, creative criticism is good, so the improvements can be better and put in the correct place.
This is what T212 is currently offering - there are extra 2500+ stocks/shares coming soon as one of the big news.
There are other little and big changes on the way as well. However until that time, we have what we have and some people are finding it Useful.

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