Public Watch lists, calendar push notifications and more


I’d like to suggest some improvements for Trading212, the best trading platform available. I’m a Product Manager, so maybe these ideas can be interesting for you, Trading212 team:

  • Public watch lists: all users have our own watch lists, right? How cool would it be to share them as we share our pies to other users? This could be very interesting especially when we share index components. Someone could just subscribe to the Nasdaq100, IBEX 35, commodity or TOP dividend indices. Obviously, the limit would need to be increased to more than 40 symbols in some cases. And those with more popularity or subscribers would be featured on the Trading212 platform.

  • Calendar push notifications: The Trading212 calendar is a very powerful tool, but it could be even better if we could get and manage push notificacions (high impact notifications; high and medium impact notifications; and high, medium and low push notificacions). Therefore, we could see this updates directly from our smartphones or smartwatches. To avoid hundreds of push notifications, it could be interesting to add filters such us Countries.

  • Stocks icons: I see many Stocks and ETFs don’t have their icons uploaded. I could understand it can take a lot amount of time from your staff to upload all the icons of all the stocks and ETFs available on the market. A good idea would be to allow your clients to upload the icons of these stocks for you. Therefore the only thing your staff must do is to validate the uploaded icons. Small details are important :slight_smile: and it’s much easier to differentiate your assets with the company logos.

  • Percentage change in the desktop watch lists: When we use the platform with a PC/MAC, it could be very interesting for us to see not only the price of the each asset of the watch lists, but also the percentage change.

  • Portfolio Filters on mobile devices: It’s something that’s available on Desktop mode, as well as other interesting filters such as Value, Data Created and so on, and we can rearrange them from worst performers to best performers. It would be advisable as well to have this feature on mobile devices.

  • Hide option for Live Results, Free Funds, Portfolio, Email account from the desktop app: For live streaming, I’d recommend to have the option to hide these things, so the audience will not send us emails when we are doing a live streaming, and so on.

Thanks and kind regards



Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed feedback. We’ve always aimed to make the user experience memorable on both the app and the desktop platform hence we spent a significant amount of time going through every single suggestion and implement it, if possible.

In case you have other inspiring ideas, feel free to share them as we would love to hear them :v:


Thanks for your reply Bogi. Yes. I’ll keep it in mind :wink: