Most requested features survey

I have seen these features across many threads and thought that maybe if we can demonstrate just how popular they are by way of voting it may just help the team at T 212 prioritise them.

  • JISA
  • LISA
  • SIPP

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@TsotFin How about adding to that list:

  1. Export transaction and dividend data as csv
  2. Notify gross amounts of dividends and withholding tax deducted, and using sufficient decimal places to avoid confusion that arises from rounding
  3. In specie transfer to and from other brokers
  4. Notifications or alerts when new instruments are added
  5. Move instruments in and out of pies
  6. Pies within pies
  7. Create pie from watchlist, and create watchlist from pie
  8. Copy watchlist from Invest account to ISA account and vice versa
  9. Sort pie holdings list by name, value, result and result (%)
  10. Move to instrument details page with single press on instrument in pie holdings list
  11. Toggle between “% / target %” and “number shares” as shown beneath instrument name in pie holdings list
  12. Delete goal from pie
  13. Provide users with an easy way to check current exchange rates
  14. Make it possible to drag mouse, copy and paste information from screen when using web platform
  15. Means to roundup or rounddown a fractional share holding to a whole number
  16. Provide for segregated view of holdings in the same instrument that are held in and outside pies
  17. Show sell price in app even when no shares have yet been purchased
  18. Graphs of historic values for pies

I am sure others can think of things that have been frequently suggested. The thing is, the list gets long very quickly. Trading 212 staff are probably keeping a list that is much longer than the above.

From memory, Trading 212 staff have written this forum that the following features are on the way: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 12, 14, 17, 18.

It is certainly the case that many features are requested multiple times, often by community members who have not bothered to search to see if that particular feature suggestion has already been made, and if Trading 212 staff have perhaps already said that it is coming.


Yeah seems like a lot of feature requests missing.

Perhaps consolidate the first three into a generic ‘additional products’…?

@Richard.Ws list is more interesting to me.

Also what is meant by ‘stock screener’?

This I think is crucial, I agree with you setting it as “No 1” priority :wink: . I would say that numbers 1, 2 and 3 are quite important.

As well as continueing the addition of new stocks and fractionals :smiley:.

1, 2,4, 8 and 18 of @Richard.Ws list please.

What is Stock Screener?

A screener is a filter that helps find stocks with specific criteria that you want. For example, if you only want to search for stock with a P/E of less than 15, or with a growth rate of 20% or more over the last 5 years etc. It helps narrow down the stock you want to look at that meet your criteria.


I totally agree with you sir these are all vital. I thought if I started simple it would be easier to digest. I know most of the points you have raised are already being worked on. I will have a look at your list and hopefully come up with a better list.

I’m surprised to see a stock screener polling so high. For me, I always prefer to use separate apps and sources for information—not least because they’re independent of any one broker.

There are so many good screeners etc out there already, that’ll be hard for T212 to compete and I’d like to see 'em focus on the execution side: Sipps, Lisas, multicurrency accounts, and so on.


Exactly, much bigger priorities for now, but would definitely be a nice addition in the future, and since all the data is there already it should work pretty well

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Screen away on other sites but then tell me it’s not important when you search for the individual stock on 212 and realise… it’s not there!!
A screener on 212 will identify the stocks they have available. :wink:

As we all know 212 has few stocks available compared to other screener sites.

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That’s more or less my point. I’m not wedded to any one broker, so what good’s a screener that precludes so many securities? T212 has a wider range than most, but there are many, many exhanges that it does not yet cover.

Each to their own but I start from a position of working out what I want to invest in then looking at the cheapest broker that offers it or the best on balance.

For example, I hold Tencent, Chegg, HelloFresh and CD Projekt elsewhere. If I’d have screened stocks based on only T212’s offerings, I’d have missed out on a lot of growth.

The screener I am referring to is for use on the Trading 212 platform only and not a universal one. Like you said, there is not much point using a screener online only to find out T 212 does not have the stock. I have a screener I subscribe to but most of the stocks it has are not yet available on T 212. In time that will change but till then it will be useful to have one tailored to T 212

Also please bear in mind that these are only just requests and it does not mean the team will have to do what we ask. At the end of the day they have come this far because they know what they are doing and they will continue delivering an excellent platform.

What about python API?