Put up a stop sell at 500 for GME but it sold my 7 shares at 300

Put up a stop sell at 500 for GME but it sold my 7 shares at 300
could someone explain this to me or help?

could someone please help me

did you set STOP ORDER with the 500 number?

The stop sell does not guarantee the 500 number. It gets activated (like a notification on your phone) that the stock is going down. If there is no one buying that it can go to 0 (zero) before it gets filled as an order

Understanding Stop-Loss Orders

Traders or investors may choose to use a stop-loss order to protect their profits. It removes the risk of an order not getting executed should the stock continue to fall since it becomes a market order. A stop-limit order triggers once the price falls below the stop price; however, the order may not be executed due to the value of the limit portion of the order.

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so the sell limit is the one that guarantees a specific value?

welcome to the world of investing. the video below applies to both buy or sell limits. take your time to familiarise yourself with the mechanics behind the works

thanks a lot guys i thought that it would sell my shares at that particular price when the shares hit it, atleast i got back my initial investment and i still have 7 shares that are hopefully going to moon while i have no risk involved anymore