Putting money into account without buying a share?

is it possible to put money into like a trading 212 account without buying a share?

you can hold free funds in your account without buying any shares. however that money won’t earn you anything either

What if i want my trading 212 account to hold on to "real"money which is not spent on a share

like an another bank account?

I can’t say the same thing 3 different ways. :sweat:

The funds in your account ARE ‘real money’. T212 does NOT run a ‘savings account’, so you will not gain interest on the money you leave in your account un-invested. I could leave £1000 just sitting as free funds in my account, but I won’t get paid anything for doing so.

there is nothing forcing you to buy shares once the money has been put into your account, just be aware that if you don’t want to invest the money and you just want to store it in an account, you’re better off going to a bank instead.

Just do yourself a favour and get verified BEFORE trying to deposit money into your account, that way you don’t tie up any money and have issues waiting to see the money enter your funds balance.