QRTEA Dividends - help please - ✅ Solved

Hi Community

Please can someone help and explain.

I have held shares in QRTEA over the dates mentioned in this link https://seekingalpha.com/news/3607948-qurate-declares-special-dividend-of-1_50

However as i have not received payment, i searched to check the ex date etc and found a change https://www.dividendinvestor.com/dividend-history-detail/qrtea/ which has a payment date before the ex date.

what is going on please?


I am in the same boat as Mr. Ed here.
Any information would be helpful.

Hello, the ex-date for this particular payment was 15.09 - 1.50 USD per share. Could you provide me with your email addresses via PM so I can double-check your cases?

Hi Martin - how do i PM you please?

Click on his picture or name and then click message.

Hi Marin, thanks for your help.
Please can you message me and i will reply. Unfortunately there is a bug so i can’t see how to message you (click on photo etc)