Pba December dividend

Hi @Team212 @admins, sorry I wasn’t sure which category to put this in.

Can you advise when the ex-div date was for pba December payment, as the nasdaq site shows it at 24/11 but dividend max shows it as 23/11.

The pay date was 15/12 and I know they can take a few days after to receive but I haven’t had mine yet

Any help would be great

Also, are there any plans to add the ex dividend date and payout date at all, even if it’s under the “per share data” tab as that would save a lot of time checking different sites :blush:

Thanks in advance

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The Nasdaq website says 23/11 ex dividend too, maybe they updated it since you looked

I’m guessing dividends might take a few extra days to come through at this time of year with all the national holidays and such. Though I’d usually only expect to wait no more than 5 working days…

You definitely owned it before the 23rd Nov?

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Ye I know what I’ve done now, I was looking at the record date thinking that would be the same date as the ex dividend date, like a muppet lol.

I bought on the 23rd so missed out on it, abit annoying you have to look at the top for the ex doc date and it not be with the declaration, record and payment date, lesson learned

Would be good to have the ex div and pay dates on the t212 platform though, save time looking on different sites when it could all be on the one platform

Thanks for your help though :+1:


You could have checked the investor relations area of the company website?