Ex dividend date

I have looked at the date of ex dividend in different brokers and also in the page of the corresponding companies. and it’s always different in yahoo finance. for example: exxon mobil its ex dividend date is February 9, 2021. because in yahoo finance it indicates that it is February 8, 2021. anyone know something about this?

Best thing is usually to look into the company’s website, otherwise I use Marketbeat.com it’s quite reliable

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Yahoo is always one day early on the payment date also. I have never been able to figure out why they make this error so consistently.

Yahoo is owned by Verizon. It does not even correctly report Verizon’s dividend ex- and pay dates. However the error is consistently one day early so it is easy to adjust for it.


Extract accurate dividends dates with the super simple FinKI API :partying_face:

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…BTW… the Exxon raw JSON data out of FinKI looks like…


Is this data available for free? Thinking about creating a web app where I need that info. Have looked into IEX but their API has a limit for free accounts.

Yep, free. There is a faster, better commercial version but the free is good enough to play with… except for the 500k api calls people have made this morning that forced me to take it offline.

IEX is great (for free) but you’ll find their non-US data limited (UK/Euro ETFS especially…)… it’s why I made FinKi… as current vendors don’t cover all stocks and all stock dividends for free…

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