Quadruple Apple Dividend Payment (Thanks)

Just and FYI I received double payment for my Apple dividend share. Might want to look at what happened :slight_smile: Unless of course I’m an idiot and this was not a mistake.


Same here, I think it is a bug. 3 times already every 4 minutes @Team212 @George

Wow another payment just came through! It’s our lucky days boy! 3 dividend payments!


Hmm seems to be infinate money today…

A sign of things to come? Let’s hope so…

Got 3 shares, got dividends x3

Just received the fourth payment… something’s definitely wrong.

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Dunno about you guys, but Imma buy me some GME with all this dividend $$

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4 divided payments!

@David what’s going on?

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Hey hey, it’s not a competition alright…


I’m still at 3 :grin: I think there is a bug with the cron for checking the dividend payments. it crashes and retries.

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Thanks for screwing up our dividends again 212.
@nitx it will be taken out within 1 week.
Happens alot on 212.

Aww shucks - sorry for being a party pooper Jay…

Sorry just edited what I said…not you…212

The calculation might seems off for the payment, it seems that it is rounding the fractional shares and doing payments for full shares.

Not sure though if that is how it should happen. @Team212 @George
Shouldn’t it show Number of shares as fractional?

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We’re aware - sorry to disappoint. It was only a technical glitch that we’re currently working on resolving. :v:


Happened to me as well. 4 payments in row.

1.25 shares… 4 times dividend

And what happens if we have already re-invested the dividend?

I presume they will liquidate something in your portfolio to recover it.

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