AT&T dividend paid twice

Anyone else just get paid the AT&T dividend twice?
Is there any reason for this or is it an error?

Was just about to say the same thing,

Yeah someone else just posted the same topic! Impressed with myself for being so quick haha

Due to a technical glitch, the AT&T Inc. dividend was paid twice. We are working on resolving the issue asap.

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Thanks :slight_smile: I take it the money will be taken back out of our accounts?

Most probably, they did that with my apple dividend couple of month ago as well

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How long will it be until T212 take back the overpayment from AT&T.
Mine is in a pie and I’ve had to turn off auto reinvest.
The last two times this has happened they took it back straight away.

I will reach you via DM to shed more light on your case.