Question about CFD positions

I want to ask is there a possibility of a forced CFD position closing? I currently own $GME with leverage 2:1 (I believe), can Trading212 force close my position under some “critical” condition?
Thank you in advance!

The only time your position would be sold is if you are in a losing position and have insufficient margin. This is one of the help pages that addresses your question.

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Thats just a little bit worrying that you’ve signed up to CFD, and taken a long position on a highly volatile instrument without knowing about margin.

Hope it works out.

I’m asking about some possible “extreme measures” to protect brokerage. Not margin call

Thank you, so the only way to prematurely close position is a margin call

Nothing in terms about protecting themselves.

The only other scenario is if the underlying asset is bankrupt/delisted they could/can close your position :man_shrugging: