Question - about invest account

Hello, have a question, new to investing.
I opened an Invest account in T212, i put some money and will be buying mostly stock for now and no etfs. I want to but few risky companies, penny stock that is offered, and mostly top companies.
Question is if any company goes bankrupt or is removed from trades, i lose maximum the amount that i invested right? I can’t go to negative in invest account? Like i buy stock for 10€, for price of 1€ each, then company goes bust, i lose 10€ right? As wont there be any additional cost?

Sorry if stupid question, want to make sure:/

You are correct. You can’t owe T212 money. If you invest 10 euro and the company dies, you lose 10 euro.

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Thanks. Though so, but wanted to make sure. First steps are scary:)

If stock company would get delisted, so would lose same money right?

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Thank you, missed it