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I’ve been documenting about your regulations and for European citizens I understand that we are covered by the ICF Bulgaria that covers up to 90%(with a max of 20k €). This “up to 90%” it’s guaranteed or in the unlikely case of a default can be less than 90%?

Do you consider having insurance in another country? I’ll feel safer depositing more amount of money on your platform if you cover 100% of the first 20k like Degiro.


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All our new clients are onboarded to our FCA-regulated UK entity, where client funds are insured up to £85,000.


If I registered from spain at the end of october I was still on the uk entity?


@jfarras I’ll send you a DM to check your account and I’ll let you know. :ok_hand:

All our new clients are onboarded to our FCA-regulated UK entity, where client funds are insured up to £85,000.

Is there somewhere this is explained in more details ? I’m from France and signed up about a week ago, and I’ve also been looking for more info :blush:Who should we (europeans as for UK residents it seems more clear) contact if there was one day cause for either an insurance claim or to file a complaint ? I can’t find enough “reassuring information” for my taste, as much as I would love to find some because the platform, the team and the community seem amazing !

This post about eToro has made me realize being “protected” by a financial authority of a country I don’t know much about and can’t even speak the language of shouldn’t mean much to me :

Oh, and for the registration in Bulgaria I haven’t been able to find where they officially state they are supervising you :face_with_monocle::nerd_face: I’ve looked on the Bulgarian National Bank website in the register (an excel sheet) where they list some companies, but couldn’t find you ( 201659500 ) . And looking around with google didn’t bring up good results. Although, my recent post shows I just might not be good at looking for the right result :sweat_smile: There was this Commercial register and register of NPLE - register, but I didn’t take the time to dig through it as it seems very parsimonious in the amount of results it gives at a time !

This post was also unsure about the UK vs Europe distinction.

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The topic is discussed here.

Here’s an excerpt:

How is Trading 212 regulated?

We are headquartered in the UK. All our clients are onboarded in our FCA-regulated entity. We don’t have any operational entities outside the UK and the EU. Balances of cash and equity, capital adequacy and transactions are reported to the regulator on a daily basis.

Are my funds protected?

Yes, up to £85,000 by the FSCS.

Where is my equity?

When you invest with Trading 212, your equity is held in custody at Interactive Brokers. They are the biggest broker in the world by the number of daily trades. They hold $160B in client assets.

Where is my cash?

Your money is held at Barclays Bank in a segregated account which means that we can’t touch it.

Does the company have solid financials?

  • Trading 212 has been profitable every single year since its founding 16 years ago.
  • We have no debt.
  • We have solid cash reserves
  • It’s very cost-effective for us to offer free share dealing because over the years we’ve already invested a lot in infrastructure and platform development for our CFD business.
  • Our existence does not depend on VC funding or crowdfunding.

:heart_eyes: You guys are just amazing ! Thanks @AlexK and thank you to the whole team for your great service and dedication !


Just to clarify this, am I registered with the UK entity and insured with Fscs scheme even if I’m European and I registered a long time ago ?

See How will Brexit affect Trading 212? Still FCA regulated?

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@esteban Yes, your account is under the UK entity.


Hi, If i open an account in this platform being from colombia is my account regulate by the FCA, by another entity or not regulated at all.

I ask because i read that the FCA page tha they only apply for people that live or lived in the UK

Thanks for any response and greetings

@sebastian12 Here you have the answer:

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