Question regarding Share Dealing Service Terms

I hope I can write my concerns so that you can understand
My questions are about the 12 and 13 sections (Client Money and Client Assets). Is it possible to know where our money and assets are currently being held? Also, in case of asset transfer to a third party somewhere overseas, will us, the users, be notified about this?

Question for other users: Have you any experience with other platforms, especially with commission free trading, that have similar terms like those in 12 and 13 sections? are these standard practices? In case of default, which I hope never happens, these terms sound quite risky. Well investing is a risky business by definition:)

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Your money is at Barclays UK in a segregated bank account.

Your equity is in custody at Interactive Brokers - a $21B public company operating the largest electronic trading platform in the U.S.


If our equity is custodied at interactive brokers, do you have anything to prove this to be the case? Does the FCA verify this to be the case? If our equity (not bank funds) was misallocated and Trading 212 went into receivership, would we claim against you or interactive brokers?