Question regarding the 95% max investing

Hi all.
A couple of quick questions on the invest site:

  • Why can I invest max the 95% of my deposit and not the full 100%?
  • if I sell all my stocks, can I then withdraw the full 100% of my deposit? Some time ago I saw a video on youtube where this guy, who’s using T212, said that after he sold all his positions, for some reasons he could withdraw only the 95% of his deposit. Is there any particular T212 policy on the max % of withdraw admitted?
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There are no withdrawal restrictions, you can always withdraw all of your free funds.

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@David I have just seen the message, but it the amount available and not deposit. Why can’t I place limit order for all the available balance? anything to do with FX?

@kannaiah This rule currently applies to limit orders as well.