Why 95% spend limit for Limit Orders ?

Why, for a Limit Order, is there still a 95% maximum (spend limit of free funds) ?

Explanations on old posts (2020, 2021 etc) don’t make sense.
And I thought I read (old) posts that T212 were planning to change.

No trade should occur above the Limit set - so no overdraft should be possible.

Any new explanation ?


While we understand that the 5% may be excessive for limit orders as this is the maximum price you are willing to pay for an asset while buying, there must be some buffer due to the FX movement.

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There must be some buffer due to FX movement” ???

These messages come up for orders in the same currency as the “Free funds”.

My orders have been (and always will be) in a currency I have sufficient funds for.
No “FX movement” - ever !

Please do something about this unwarranted restriction.
Thank you.


I get your point and will pass on the feedback.