Questions about the Referral


So I am planning to share T212 with my online community because the product (invest) is outstanding.

Iโ€™m living in Dubai but Iโ€™m French and talking to a French community. How could I get access to the invite code?

Second, 20 invites only to get a free share? I understand that you might have some abuse concerns but how are we, as influencers, supposed to recommend T212 on the long term?

Thank you :slight_smile:


Both the referrer and referral have to be residents of the countries where the promotion is available (France seems to be part of the campaign).

Also, you receive a free share for each of 20 invites (more info here).


Thanks for your quick answer.
I donโ€™t understand why the referrer should be resident in France. As I said Iโ€™m currently living abroad but it seems a little bit unfair, especially that the people that I will bring are living in France.

Is there any room for some kind of tailored referral program?


No problem, I just gathered some info on the subject that was already here on the community or in FAQ.

Regarding this I think a member of the team can help with an answer.

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