Quick tax return question for self employed

Hi All,
I just downloaded the csv for the 2020-2021 tax year , seeing as I’ve just started out i used small amounts until I get my head share dealing.
The amounts I’ve gains of £33.25 and the amounts I’ve losses of £186.19 so for the year I’ve lost a total of -£158.94.
Be kind I’m only starting out at this, i’m using the invest account not the ISA.
Now the questions i have are :

do i just declare the gains?
do i have to declare the tax losses?
do i have to note every single transaction or just round it up as £33.25 via T212 for my accountant seeing as i have the full transactions through the csv file as reference for my T212 account.

Thanks in advance, I’m reading all the tax help files atm.
I posted this into the wrong section earlier and will amend it now.

Hi, Welcome to the forums. Please try not to make duplicate posts. Once is enough.

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