Quick trading bug

Hi there,

I just happen to start a trade accidentally, because for some reason my Quick Trading setting was enabled again.

I double checked the setting and it was on without me activating it, so I turned it off. Then I closed the app and opened it again and to my surprise the Quick Trading option was enabled again. Seems to me it is a bug indeed, because now whenever I open the app after closing it, the Quick Trading option is active. I aged like 10 years, because that position was well over my usual trade and I was so lucky to get out of it without a massive loss.

Has anyone experienced anything like this before? I’m on iOS and the app is up to date.

Thank you for your help!


You are not alone. In addition to this bug, I’ve also noticed that the toggle keeps resetting the ‘Fractional shares indicator’ setting.

Is there a release date for the next iteration?