So slow in execution or delays. Fix it please

It seems I am not the only one but gods sake, do something about execution. For benchmark purposes, I did the same with the same assets on 4 different brokers and they all executed just fine within split seconds.
Not to mention that I had to email T212 a week ago about an urgent matter where I was not able to sell when the market was fully open, and I lost about 60% of the value of that money.
only a happy 2 days later they lovely responded to address the issue.

Can T212 streamline their processes, business framework and their CS frontline because this is just plain stupid.

As well that this feature the price is too far from… etc limit sell or target price. Is a real nuisance. Why would people not be able to set their own sell target limit. This has to be fixed too


@shosho For which securities are you experiencing delays? We haven’t observed any general problems with execution.

The last 2 maybe 3 days have been dreadful trying to buy and sell. The delays are ruining absolutely everything for everyone. When is this going to be sorted out please. It cannot continue like this. Other than that I love it but please please give us a reason.


Ofc what particular stocks are you having issues buying/selling?

can’t say its causing issues for everyone without mentioning a specific ticker. I have made actions the last few days and had no issues worth speaking of…

It’s not only about this case i encountered over the last few months.

I made a list of stocks and issues. as my account on 212 is more of a benchmark, but my wife’s account is a more active one.

I use 6 different platforms. From retail to institutional. I have been comparing flaw after flaw on 212 versus the other ones. And I will probably publish the comparison soon. From UX to delays or money being stuck in pies or orders not triggering and so on or stretched graphics when loading the screen to 2-6 seconds delay in price movement and candlesticks plus updates on the actual spot price of a stock, a 2-6 seconds delay in screen (e.g candlestick moves, stock price and P/L not adjusted yet, which can be absolutely crucial for active investors)

But now I am just fed up with it


502 bad gateway. trading212 website not accessible…

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same for me :roll_eyes:

now it says 503 service unavailable. again and again trading212 has service availability issues…

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Im having same issue with 2 companies Mode & SWC been trying for over 24 hours - even tried the cancelling and making smaller order with even the stop/limit functions as a few members have suggested to no avail. Really frustrating as i think 212 should not list these companies if people cannot invest properly. i have checked ihub and there is still trades being processed elsewhere :man_shrugging:. I would imagine people lose quite a-lot of money because of this issue 🥲

Definitely agree, they accept no responsibility for it either. I am taking them to Court for my losses.

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Do what I do and video record the incidences.

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I think the issue here might be the way 212 deal with LSE AIM orders… there are some threads on it somewhere but basically they send order to IB (as with every order) then IB attempt to execute on the actual exchange where there is likely low liquidity for these stocks.

Other brokers such as HL use market makers which essentially resolves the liquidity issue, I’m assuming these trades are the ones you are seeing? I don’t trade LSE much so can’t be much more specific I’m afraid but I’m sure there are threads around here somewhere with more info if you search “LSE execution” or “LSE AIM” etc. I know 212 have said they’re looking at their options on this issue.

It does beg the question why not use one of the other five and not use T212? :man_shrugging: :sweat_smile:

It might has Ryan suggested DMA Vs MM could be the cause of delays.

I’d been interested to see your findings. I assume these brokers all have a raw spread?

The actual data being pulled in comes from Bloomberg. I’ve posted many a thread complaining about the data feed, mostly around quotes being delayed (not seconds though, days and weeks) and weird zero spreads.

The Bloomberg data and the Interactive Brokers trading are completely separate I should add.

Good luck :upside_down_face: I don’t think you’ll have a case taken seriously.

They dont care, only talking nonsenses, look I been trying to see one order executed for the ticker BANT for the last 58 minutes I was up 258, now Im only in 66 up, still been 58 minutes that the order was placed, nt even executed…
on the other hand I sold LMND in a split of seconds, bought GEVO toke a while but max 15 sec, but as Im writing now, till on process not even executed…so whatever they answer to you or the people in here is just pure waste of time, in the end of the day , there is no other platform working on this terms and Im person that spends money here, but that is not relevant either you just treated as a ignorant and they tell you whatever, I even send screenshots and they ask me can you please attached the screen shots, they were there already…imagine…60 minutes…and counting hehehehe.

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that is totally out of order , BANT 60 minutes, and I cancel the first one which was 30 minutes don’t go through

, if you really trade on T212 you shouldn’t say that, because is not true.

another one, they just don’t care about good costumers…

Its been quiet a while now, not even one response from costumer service, this is very irregular…

You’re trying to sell otc penny stocks with low liquidity and no one wants to buy…

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You are very wrong, and you guys think the traders in here only use T212…seriously…look I been using IBK and Saxo, Etoro for a while and something goes wrong they inform you and tell you, also yesterday, I sold 2 times in IBK the same ticker no issues what about that…I also use T212 because I’m not a bear so I don’t sell, so this gives me chance to use my extra cash without the PDT rule, that is all, but don’t say things that are totally wrong.