Copy Pie/Copy portfolio

Newbie. First post.
Recently opened a T212 and etoro account to see which I want to stick with long term.
I’m finding T212 platform much better and love the videos and community chat which has been very helpful.

Etoro has a copy investor/copy portfolio option, with benefits depending on the number of copiers/ value of ‘AUM’, which I think would work really well on T212 as a copy Pie option.

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Cheers Phil. I realised there were similar threads on this after posting.

On etoro there are financial benefits received depending on the volume of copiers/ assets under management an investor has.

If there is a copy Pie option to be implemented on T212 it would be cool if the pie creator/manager received some sort of benefit, possibly like the free share referral of say their pie retains a certain number of pie followers or a certain level of follower investment for a period of time.

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Yeah there was also another thread where @chantal mentioned a free trade. Same idea coming from the ProQuant angle.

Getting free shares at certain thresholds like 10 subs, 100 subs, 1000 subs

You could knock the 0 off
1 free share, 10 shares, 100 shares :sweat_smile:

I can’t wait I think this will be massive. Whoever wants to maintain the ARKs will guarantee a good amount of subs.