Rebalancing between separate pies

If I happened to have two pies with the same stock in, but one pie was overweight and one was underweight (probably only going to be the case if you edit the weighting on one pie - e.g. it was doing well so you raise its weighting and now will be overweight in the unchanged pie but underweight in the changed pie), how would this be handled? Would it transfer the portion that is overweight into the underweight slice? Would this be automatic? On rebalance? On deposit? Not happen at all so I have to sell them from the overweight and buy into the underweight?

What about in a pie in a pie scenario, where the included pie holds a stock as a slice but the outer pie also holds the stock and maybe even another pie not in the pieception also holds the stock?

Going further what if multiple pies inside a pie plus the pie they are in, plus a separate pie all have the same stock but you change the weightings in some so some are overweight and some are underweight?

currently pies will only look inside themselves, as for integrated pies, your underweight would purchase more shares, but the overweight wouldn’t. it would only sell if you chose to rebalance as then the pies will take it as an order to buy/sell to fix the imbalance. doubt a transfer would happen as the % may not match, could be too little or too much.

pie in pie scenarios would do a staged division of funds, so the foundational pie would assign its funds according to the weights of the internal pies. those internal pies would then look at their weights to assign the funds to the shares/pies inside themselves, until eventually the funds have been dividend and assigned to the lowest level of pie contents. having the same stock in separate pies would mean neither interact with the other, since the foundational pie would not look at individual stock weights only those immediately within itself, the 1st derived pie.

on a re-balance you are telling the pies to buy/sell to get to the target shares, so likely no transferal of shares between pies would occur. perhaps there will be a feature to allow manual movement of shares between the different derived pies on various levels right back to the foundational pie.

hope I don’t sound like I am rambling.

That’s the sort of answer I’m looking for, but my thinking was that when adding stocks you own into pies plus pie in a pie are out then it would be better during a rebalance to “transfer ownership” of some/all of the overweight to the underweight rather than an unnecessary buy and sell of the same stock at the same time.

All this doesn’t really worry me as my rebalancing is adding more money set to self balance rather than the de facto rebalance button. Just happened to wonder about it, especially as I can see people would probably use pie in a pie to get the odd percentages that you can’t with just a pie, e.g. 0.25% is possible whereas in just a single pie it is 0.5% (pie with 50% allocation to a pie that has 0.5% slice would be 0.25% slice of the entire structure)